Opportunities in Partnering with the Mummers 

The Mummers Fancy Brigade Association (MFBA) has developed a two-tiered sponsorship structure. The first tier is based on a year-long sponsorship; referred to as an MFBA Organizational Sponsor. These partners are identified at every event MFBA runs throughout the year, including:

  • The Annual Mummers Fest held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center,

  • The Mummers Fancy Brigade Division of the Annual Philadelphia Mummers New Year's Day Parade;

  • The Annual Brigade Finale Sneak Preview at the Convention Center;

  • The New Year's Day Finale Shows at the Convention Center at 11:30AM and 5:00 PM;

  • The MFBA Move-in Days at the Convention Center;

  • The MFBA Annual Awards' Banquet (last Saturday in February)

  • The MFBA Weekend in Wildwood, New Jersey and Parade;

  • The Annual Kids' Fingerprinting with the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (October);

  • The MFBA Pick for Position Party media event;

  • The MFBA Children's Party for Orphans; and

  • The MFBA Kazoo Day, including Mummers Mass, Brigade practice, and rally parade.

The second tier of MFBA sponsorship is single event sponsorships. These opportunities are event specific, designed for companies that hope to attract attention at a specific time of year or to a specific audience.

These opportunities include:

  • Mummers Fest;

  • MFBA New Year's Day Finale Shows;

    • 11:30 AM Show

    • 5:00 PM Show

  • Mummers New Year's Day Parade...MFBA Division;

  • MFBA Wildwood Weekend;

  • Brigade Finale Run-through;

  • MFBA Move-in Day;

  • MFBA Pick for Positions Party;

  • MFBA Awards' Banquet;

  • Pennsylvania Convention Center Bleachers;

  • Hospitality Suite or Skybox;

  • MFBA New Year's Eve Party;

  • MFBA Sponsors' Reception;

  • MFBA Christmas Party of Orphans;

  • MFBA Fraternal Order of Police Fingerprinting program;

  • Company night at Mummers Fest; and

  • Official Product or Service.

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