Our Mission

Membership in the Fancy Brigade division of the Philadelphia Mummers is open to all members in the community. Members participate in the organization throughout the year in many community-based activities to provide enrichment, perpetuate tradition and education in Mummery in a variety of venues within the region. The Fancy Brigade Association (or Fancy Brigades) performs at carnivals to benefit multiple charitable interests (i.e. numerous churches, schools, hospitals, etc.). The organization promotes the transmission of cultural folk traditions in the context of social and community activities in which the organization both plans and participates.


The Philadelphia tradition of Mummery has been in existence since 1901. The Mummers Day Parade is the culmination of a year's worth of community events, fundraising initiatives, and dedication to perpetuate the tradition of Mummery. Elaborate performances with costumes, music, and dance are the attractions that allow the Fancy Brigade Association to raise funds for charitable organizations in the region.

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