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As any individual group or company can tell you, the Mummers are synonymous with Philadelphia. As the New Year Holiday approaches, the media is filled with exploits of the upcoming Mummers' New Year's Day activities. The Mummers Parade is the longest continuous parade in the country. Sufficed to say, the Mummers are a cultural icon for Philadelphia, South Jersey, and the entire Delaware Valley region. Your company can partner with the Mummers and make this association a beacon of pride for your employees or a way to showcase your products and enhance your business and marketing objectives. Since companies differ in the products and services they provide, how they market, and who their customers are, the Mummers Fancy Brigade Association has developed a comprehensive sponsorship program utilizing creativity and flexibility to custom-make a vehicle that works for your organization.

Companies may choose to sponsor the Mummers for:

  • Increased visibility of their company name and logo and/or products by associating with the Mummers and the activities surrounding their events;

  • Showcasing of products and services by utilizing them at Mummers Fest, the Mummers Parade, or other activities presented by the Mummers Fancy Brigade Association;

  • Gaining recognition as a Philadelphia entity by associating with a cultural icon known throughout the region and revered for their creativity, dedication, and professionalism;

  • Enhanced relationships with current customers and clients or initiating relationships with new customers through hospitality opportunities available at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, home of the Mummers' New Year's Day Shows;

  • Dramatic impact to employee morale by creating hospitality, ticket, and volunteer programs for employees centered around Mummers' activities;

  • Enhanced relationships with local, county, and government officials through involvement with the Mummers and the promotion of regional tourism on New Year's Day;

  • General attempt to make the Philadelphia region a better place to work and live throughout the continuation of cultural events like the Mummers Parade, Mummers Fest, and related Mummers' activities;

  • Enhanced media attention for the company's name, logo, and products, through shared visibility and identity with the Mummers on local, regional, and national media;

  • Building of brand loyalty by presenting products, product names, samples, and informational literature distributed to attendees of Mummers Fest, New Year's Day Shows, and Parade participants;

  • Sale directly to Mummers and their families, an extremely loyal group of individuals who support those companies that promote and assist their efforts;

  • Utilization of name recognition, notoriety, and visibility of Mummers prior to New Year's Day to drive customers through showrooms, stores, franchises, etc; and

  • Substantial differentiation of company name, products, and services from their competitors through sponsorship of Mummers' activities.

Sponsorship of the Mummers Fancy Brigade Association, its Mummers Fest at the Convention Center, its New Year's Day Shows at the Convention Center, its participation in the New Year's Day Parade, its Mummers Weekend at the Jersey Shore, and related activities all year-round should be viewed as a marketing effort, and not a contribution or donation. Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley are extremely proud of its Mummers tradition. Companies can utilize this association to build promotional opportunities and successful forward their business and marketing objectives.

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